Sunday, 12 June 2016

Questions and answers...

I have not been very active on this Blog. In the meantime, I stumbled upon Quora answering various questions. I realized after a while that the same questions get asked repeatedly, just with a different twist. And unfortunately, many times a question is asked not to get an honest answer, but simply to provoke. So instead of continuing to answer again and again, I decided to post here some of my answers which I hope might be useful.

There is no evidence for faith in God (or in Jesus or the Christian religion)? | | | | | | | From someone else:

But can you prove it?
- | | |

On faith (Is faith not blind, then?)
- | | | | Better than I could say it:

How did I come to faith in Jesus Christ? | | |

The Kingdom of God concept?

Why was Jesus crucified?

Why do I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and trustworthy? | | |

So why don't most people believe the Bible, then?

But is the Bible not full of contradictions?

How do I know if somebody is teaching a true interpretation of the Bible?

The Bible as a non-supernatural group of books (archaeological and historical usefulness of the Bible).

The canon of the Bible? Which books and why?
- | |…-What-is-the-scope-of-the-expression-all-scripture/answer/Chavoux-Luyt | |

The Bible or experience?

On Bible versions |

How to start reading the Bible
- |

But what about all those Old Testament rules?

Prophecies? | | | | | | |

Heaven and hell? |

Is it idolatry to trust the Bible as the Word of God?

Can I be a Christian when I don't trust the Bible?

Is any teaching beyond the Bible a heresy?

On the historical reliability of the Bible and the argument from silence | | | | | | | | |

Jesus as God? | | |

Did Jesus Himself claim that He is divine and died for our sins?

Defining God

How many entities in Elohim for Moses?

How do I know that I have the Holy Spirit in me?

Why don't most Jews believe in Jesus?

What could make me loose my faith in Jesus Christ? |

But why the "genocides" in the Bible?

What about Abraham sacrificing Isaac? |

The problem of evil? | | | |

Some other philosophical questions on God | | | | |

Why would an almighty, all-knowing God require worship?

How can Christians claim that we are saved by faith alone? |

Is God not unfair?

So how many times can I repent, then?

My perspective on Christianity - What is a true Christian? | |

How to choose a church?

The decline of Christianity: Why do young people loose their faith? | |

Trying to correct atheist misconceptions | | |

On "being saved" |

Is Jesus the only way to eternal life? | | | |’-love-be-if-for-those-who-reject-him-as-being-their-savior-he-consigns-them-to-an-everlasting-hell/answer/Chavoux-Luyt | | |

Why was Jesus crucified?

How can the Christian faith be true if it came so late? Why have God been "silent" for such long periods? |

Why should Christians evangelize? | |

Why pray?

How to experience God yourself (Hearing the voice of the Lord)? | |

On science and religion | | | | | | |

Science and philosophy |

What does Christianity have to do with Ecology? | Was animals created for human consumption, then? (For a longer response on my web site about God and animals, see also


What would be the ecological impact of all people turning vegetarian?

Ecology - Competitive exclusion? Levels of organization?